Creative Capers Entertainment is A Full Service Company

Creative Capers is a studio like no other. We have vast experience in a wide array of fields including Animation, Interactive, Consumer Products, Theme Parks and Branding. With decades of ground-breaking work under our belts, we have every capability of delivering quality, impactful design that fits every budget.
Our artists are curious about the world, so our knowledge base is diverse and constantly expanding. There is no limit to the kinds of stories, characters and worlds Creative Capers can create. Contact us today to discover how we can help you too!

Hand-drawn 2D
Flash & Harmony
Short or Long Form
Motion Graphics
Produce Pilots & Promos
Stop Motion

Logo & Packaging Design
Marketing Campaigns
Promotional Marketing
Style Guides
Title Design

Location Based Entertainment
World Building
Ride Film Media Production
Mascot & Brand Development

Blue Sky Development
Character Development
Visual Development & Art Direction
Storyboards & Animatics
World Building
Story Development

Game & App Production
UI Design
Asset Creation
Augmented Reality
Interactive Experience Design
Unity Programming
Virtual Reality

Toy Design
POP Designs
Packaging Design
Clothing & Household Products Design
Ideation & Story Development
Book Illustration

Animation & Design Director David Molina is highly respected in the entertainment industry as a Director, Designer and Animator. His extraordinary skill in character development, world building, and keen design sense is instrumental in the studios’ stellar reputation. David began his career working side-by-side Don Bluth in his garage on BANJO THE WOODPILE CAT, which was a historical moment in the animation industry. He quickly excelled in animation and storyboarding, and became one of Bluth’s most respected animators. This culminated in creating of one of the most memorable animated moments in film – Fievel singing “Somewhere Out There” in AN AMERICAN TAIL. David has designed characters for many noteworthy entertainment franchises including Disney’s BEAUTY & THE BEAST and MULAN, MR. MAGOO, THE PINK PANTHER, and The Simpsons. He has also adapted characters from the “Fine Art” world into animated personalities, one famous example being Michael Bedard’s Sitting Ducks. Widely considered one of the industry’s leading character designers and art directors, David has created starring characters and mascots for many advertising campaigns, animated films, marketing initiatives and theme parks around the world. Mastering an ability to adapt to any design style and infuse every performance with heart and soul, David’s characters stand a cut above the rest. He truly brings them to life!


President/Producer Sue Shakespeare is a true mastermind of budgets and schedules, and gifted at designing unique production processes for all styles of animation. One of the most respected animation producers in the industry today, she is a member of many prestigious entertainment organizations, including the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences. Combining her education in marketing and advertising with her artistic talent, Sue has the perfect understanding of how to integrate money and art. Artists love working with Sue, and her creative network contains most of the top animators, directors, and art directors in the industry today. Her drive, integrity, and innate ability to nurture talent has been crucial in Creative Capers’ years of success. Ultimately, Sue has managed over $150 million of animation production and guided Creative Capers to consistently deliver superior quality work on time and under budget.


Director/Art Director Terry Shakespeare is one of the most imaginative and innovative directors working in animation today. Renowned for his exceptional vision and strong leadership, Terry began his career in animation at the Don Bluth Studio where he was fortunate to be trained as an animator and storyboard artist by Don Bluth himself. During the Bluth years, Terry worked on the animated films: THE SECRET OF NIMH, AN AMERICAN TAIL, and THE LAND BEFORE TIME, as well as, the groundbreaking animated games: Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace. During this time Terry met his creative partner, David Molina, and the two began their successful working collaboration. Recognized for their innovative thinking, they were hired as Supervising Art Directors to head up blue sky design at Walt Disney Studios’ Consumer Products Division, where they provided the creative vision for prominent installations such as: The Disney Stores, Mickey’s ToonTown, Splash Mountain and Disney’s MGM Studios Tour. After forming Creative Capers Entertainment, Terry’s pioneering spirit led him to experiment in the cutting edge arena of computer graphics. The studio quickly signed a multi-year exclusive production and development contract with the Walt Disney Company spanning the feature film, television and interactive divisions. After directing over 55 interactive game titles, Terry ventured into long-form CGI animation, which landed the studio production contracts for TV shows (Sitting Ducks) and movies like the LEGO/MIRAMAX BIONICLE TRILOGY, whose monumental success launched the Lego Entertainment Division.